Manchmal erschrickt man, wenn einem klar wird, wer hier in Ohio wahlberechtigt ist. Gesehen in Wooster Ende Oktober 2012. Ich habe das Foto auch auf Facebook hochgeladen, und noch nie so viele Kommentare hinsichtlich eines Bild bekommen, wie in diesem Fall. Hier der komplette Schlagabtausch (Namen wurden in Initialien umgewandelt, um die Privatsphäre zu wahren. […]


Manchmal erschrickt man, wenn einem klar wird, wer hier in Ohio wahlberechtigt ist.

Gesehen in Wooster Ende Oktober 2012. Ich habe das Foto auch auf Facebook hochgeladen, und noch nie so viele Kommentare hinsichtlich eines Bild bekommen, wie in diesem Fall. Hier der komplette Schlagabtausch (Namen wurden in Initialien umgewandelt, um die Privatsphäre zu wahren. Alle Aussagen sind jedoch 1:1 übernommen.) Besonders beeindruckt hat mich ein junger Bekannter, im folgenden „RK“ genannt. Er mag für Europäer verwirrt klingen, aber meiner Meinung nach macht er sich zumindest Gedanken. („SD“ bin in dieser Diskussion ich selbst.)

JW: I saw that, too!!!!! You beat me to taking a picture of it though… I cracked up at their ignorance, though.

TM: I saw that and wanted to rip it out — but that would be wrong. Still, I turn my head the other way when I drive past.

SD: and i don’t even like obama that much, but this is bizarre on so many levels.

DS: I saw that…if it wasn’t right on Burbank I would have knocked it over…

AS: I get it….

LM: Yet another dumb— expresses him/herself!

SD: thank god for the first amendment.

BS: I almost wish these people could have their own „bubble“ nation where they could have their wishes…and see how it turns out compared to our reality. They could call it – Romneystan.

SD: didn’t you see the gary larson cartoon i stole from somebody? they were in the „jerks“ shaker. 🙂

RK: How about Obamaland where all the people can have there „free“ social security and their „free“ Obama phone and their „free“ welfare and their „free“ everything. Tax the rich to feed the poor. How bout we lower taxes, cut social programs, cut gov. spending, let states have more power, legalize marijuana, tax it, have a flat 13% tax, and lets not be in a nannie state where the government has to tell us to wipe our own butt. How does it make sense that by the government taking away our rights, our libertys, that we will be safer for it?

MC: Ummm, hey RK, how ‚bout we cut things that really cost us a LOT of money, like spending on military, NOT for things we need, but unnecessary spending on things that aren’t needed, really looking at those contracts and making sure we’re getting the full bang for our buck out there. How about we look at making our Congress have the same benefits as the rest of us, and then see if they think universal health care is such a bad idea, let’s just find a way to narrow the gap between the haves and have nots, not through hand outs, but through hand ups….and when there is a way for someone who is poor to find a way up, without fighting tooth and nail, then the government can stop being the equalizer and society can do it on its own.

DS: Very well said MC….socially responsible America. It can be…..

MC: Oh, and just so you know, I don’t know anyone in the whole entire world, who has been on public assistance, who hasn’t tried like crazy to get off. If they are working, and still not able to make ends meet, don’t you fee like it’s a little bit of a good thing to help them out, OR do you like it when we have hungry children in America? Because that’s the way things used to be, before we had a socially responsible America, before Roosevelt saw that we might need to take some responsibility for the weak and poor among us. In the end, I don’t mind helping others when they need it, I’d rather do that than pay for another war, or buy an already millionaire Congressman a healthcare plan for life.

RK: MC, I have to disagree, the military is a very needed thing that does cost a lot of money to run but it is vital in the security of our nation. Universal healthcare is not good. Look at canada; they have universal healthcare. In canada if you need any serious treatment you get to be put on a waiting list that could be 6th months long when you need a surgery on your heart in the next three months or your going to die. The government is not efficient at all. What we need to do is create competition in the health care sector of the economy. I should be able to get healthcare from different companies outside of my state. If we did that competion would happen and prices would go down and quality would go up.

RK: Wouldnt you rather personally give money to a family in need or give to a charity where you know where the money is going rather than pay more taxes and not know where the money is going. Our society should not need the government to take money away from us to „help“ people, we as moral beings should go out and help those people ourselves. I know that, that cant happen over night but we need to help eachother not the United States Government. I am not trying to fight or just create drama, I really care about our nation that we have. It makes me sad that people are starving, it makes me sad that so many people have died to keep us safe at home and many people dont even realize this. I just want people to not be dependent on the government and to realize that we as, sons and daughters, as husbands and wives, as friends and families, as communities and towns, we can help eachother out without the „aid“ from the Government.

RK: I know I am only 18 and that I have a lot to learn but I know for sure that I dont want to have the government running my life, taking away my freedoms, taking my money, and telling me what to do. I do try to help out my family, my neighbors, and my community whenever I can. I am an Eagle Scout and I know the value of a great family and a tight nit community. I know that I need to work hard and save as much money as I can so that I can support not only myself, but a family when I get older. I am not sure how to end this „comment“ but what I do know is that our country needs help and we dont need the government to step in, we as individuals need to help eachother out and somehow dig ourselves out of this abyss of chaos and greed that we are in right now, as a country. John F Kennedy said it best when he said, Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.

SD: ok, folks. COOL DOWN. first of all, what i find bizarre about this sign is that it draws a weird parallel between the constitution and this election, and further implies that obama is somehow against the constitution and therefore the people.

SD: second, will you all please remember that people haven’t been this passionate about being against a sitting president since george w. bush. i know of at least two examples who were going to move to canada. now it’s the other way round, people are selling propaganda like „2016“ as fact to me, and i just have to laugh.

RD: I hate how people think that electing a new president or the old will drastically change the situation. Based on our checks and balance system we have, there is some power with the president but not a whole lot. It’s not like he can be a benevolent dictator. True change comes from congress and the president working together which probably won’t happen.

RK: im cool i just needed to say my piece and i hope some poeple got something out of it. I want to make a difference you know?

SD: RK, you may be „just“ 18, but at least you’re trying to think for yourself, whether or not others may agree w/ that. i don’t totally agree w/ all you’re saying, but i respect you for it.

MC, i have seen first-hand what this government, local, state and otherwise puts small business through. on the other hand, i believe any society should provide a baseline for its citizens, but nothing more. beyond that they should be giving people opportunities, not hand-outs. what i’m missing in this whole discussion on both sides is that what is truly needed is a reform of our electoral system, along w/ a rethinking of how government is run.

AA: tax the rich and feed the poor is actually not that bad a concept. but the tax should be on wealth and not income or profit. hoarding money doesn’t do any good for the economy. that’s why we have this jobless recovery. capitalism doesn’t function if money is not spent. apart from that this whole obama is the devil, no romney is the devil game is just silly and completely in vain. the economy is going to tank next year regardless of who is elected. it is system inherent and not avoidable.

RK: All taxing the rich to feed the poor is a bad idea! We need to realize that we should help those people out without the government saying we have to; its like doing the right thing without having to be told to do it.

RK: Goodnight and God Bless, I am going to bed!

MC: I agree that we need a military, and a good strong one! I applaud you for thinking about this, AND for stating your case. I just think there is so much waste, that the government could find ways to save money and spend it in socially responsible ways, which would save a TON. I didn’t say that very well. I agree, SD that there should be tax reform, but I just don’t see that it should be done at the expense of the „little guy.“ If we are to reform, then all of „us“ need to „suffer“ equally. I’m willing to give up something, if everyone gives up something at the same rate. The problem I have is that I already contribute a fairly high percent, and I also contribute voluntarily to social organizations to help others, yet taxes, when they are cut, and deductions that are allowed, rarely benefit me, or people in my income bracket. While I truly believe in the power of our democracy, there are times when I think I have no voice, or when my voice doesn’t matter. That’s when I know things probably aren’t working very well.

SD: it’s not just the tax system that needs to be reformed. it’s the electoral system, the education system (and the way that’s funded) yada yada yada.

AA: RK, are you a religious person? all religions require the rich to feed the poor. there are no exceptions, if you know one please tell me. you know that people are greedy and evil and they won’t give unless we force or encourage them to. i am not for forcing necessarily but i think people should get punished for or at least discouraged from hoarding huge amounts of money. call it a tax or tithe or whatever i don’t care. do it through IRS or any other organization i still don’t care. if bill gates alone gave only 1% of his 66 billions away we could get rid of pay-for-play in all schools in the US. it doesn’t take that much money to make this country a better place. but they are refusing to do it and they are putting all that BS in our mouth that taking their excess money is a bad thing. it is not!

RK: It seems like we have excepted that the United States as a whole is an immoral, greedy, uncaring society. What is this world comming to if we cant take care of eachother without the government taking our taxes to „help“ the poor people of our nation. This is what needs to happen.

RK: 1) Cut uneeded Gov Programs like welfare, Department of education, fema, exc. and also stop giving other countries money and so much foreign aid.

RK: 2)Cut taxes so that businesses can higher more people and than they will have more of an insentive to keep their industries in the united states, that will make for less unimployment so less people would have to be on welfare so than groups like the salvation army, the red cross, churches around the nation, and the good people of the united states can take care of those people through donations among other ways.

RK: 3) Next we need to stop printing so much money. We need to go back to the gold standard instead of Federal note crap. The Fed should also be abolished because they dont know what theyre doing.

RK: 4) the electoral system is bad. I dont like how there is a popular vote and an electoral vote. I think that they should take just the popular vote so the individual person has more say in the voting system. 3rd party candidates would have a better chance of winning if we did that and that would be a good thing(go Ron Paul).

RK: 5) get out of iraq and afghanistan and the rest of the middleast. I think we should protect Isreal though so we should send troops to help them but that is it. I also dont think we need so many military instilations around the world. I am not saying get rid of all of them but just the unnecisary ones.

RK: 6) focus on our boarders, build a fence on the mexican boarder, have more border patrols(more jobs), there has been more casualties on our boarders from the drug cartels and issues like them than there has been in the middleast. So we need to focus on that issue that is much closer to home

RK: 7) we need to drill more for oil in the united states. The only problem with that is what if they screw it up like they did in the gulf, well they need to be more responsible and find better ways to extract oil from places in the united states(idk how we would regulate that but where theres a will theres a way).

RK: 8) a bunch of other issues that need to be delt with but if I would go through all of them I would be here all day and all night and forever!


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